Konami Pulls Several 'Metal Gear Solid' Titles Over Historical Footage Use

Mainly affecting the franchise’s second and third installments.


Konami has now announced that several Metal Gear Solid titles will be pulled from various storefronts due to licensing issues the developer has with some of the historical footage used within those games.

According to a statement from the Japanese game developer, the affected titles mainly revolve around Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3, but since the two installments have also been included in a myriad of bundles and remasters over the years, Konami says it’ll also have to suspend sales for “all products that include these games,” including bundles such as the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. There’s also no mention of specific clips or footage from the two installments that are causing these licensing issues, but fans who’ve played the series will be familiar that many cinematic scenes feature some form of real-life, historical footage.

For now, Konami hasn’t revealed details as to when these titles might return or whether it will release a new version of them altogether, so fans of Metal Gear Solid should be on the lookout for more news to come.

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