Fortnite halts sale of Travis Scott emote days after concert tragedy

The Out West emote has been removed from the daily Item Shop

by · The Verge

The “Out West” emote, which features audio of the Travis Scott song “Out West,” has been removed from the Fortnite Item Shop. In fact, the entire section of Fortnite’s Item Shop that housed the dance emote is gone. According to a report from Eurogamer, the “Daily” section of the Item Shop has disappeared with no explanation, and Epic declined to comment to The Verge.

The emote was apparently on sale to coincide with Scott’s music festival Astroworld, which ended prematurely when eight people died after being crushed in what witnesses are calling an overcrowded and unsafe venue. After the incident, Scott was criticized for allegedly continuing the concert as people were being crushed and for not having enough safety protocols in place. Last year, the rapper held a Fortnite virtual concert, and multiple Travis Scott-themed items were created and sold to celebrate the event. It seems the “Out West” emote was the only Travis Scott item affected, and it is not known if Epic Games will disable other Travis Scott emotes or skins or if they will return to the shop in the future.