All The Ways The Power Grid Failed In Texas
How a Texas-first energy policy turned into a Texas-only energy failure.
Texas crisis a wake-up call for the power grid
The rare deep freeze in Texas that left millions without power this past week forebodes greater challenges for the U.S. power grid in a future where extreme weather is more common and the economy relies increasingly on electricity to fuel vehicles and heat homes.
Power grid struggles in Texas similar to those in California
The massive power outages that Texas is facing amid freezing temperatures bear some similarities to what California endures during extreme heat events.
Here are 4 critical problems in the management of Texas's power grid
As millions of Texans continue to face brutal conditions and shortages as a result of the winter storm battering the state, more details are coming to light about the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) and the critical issues that contributed to the widespread disaster in the Lone Star st...
Texas’ power grid crumples under the cold
Competition for natural gas and frozen wind turbines are only some of the problems.
EXPLAINER: Why the power grid failed in Texas and beyond
DALLAS (AP) — The power outages tormenting Texas in uncharacteristically Arctic temperatures are exposing weaknesses in an electricity system designed when the weather's seasonal shifts were more consistent and predictable — conditions that most experts believe no longer exist. This...
How the Texas power grid failed and what could stop it from happening again
Millions were left without power in Texas as a historic storm crippled the state's electric grid. Looking forward, experts outline some steps that can be taken.
Texas Grid Operator Makes Progress in Restoring Power
Hundreds of thousands of Texans have power again, but a second winter storm continues to stress the grid.
Almost 5 million without power as winter storm stresses grid in Texas, 13 other states
The massive winter storm that swept across the nation this week has left 5 million people without power as utilities have been forced to implement rolling power outages,
Deep in the heart of Texas’ collapsing power grid
Everything in Texas went wrong at once.
Texas snowstorm wreaks havoc on state power grid
The devastating effects of the historic winter storm that hit Texas and parts of the Midwest are raising alarms about the ability of state power grids to handle extreme weather.
Texas energy grid restored, but 280,000 remain without power: Gov. Abbott
The restoration came as officials with the entity that operates the grid said it was “seconds and minutes” away from a catastrophic failure that could have left residents in the dark for months,
Why the Texas power grid is struggling to cope with the extreme cold
A sudden spike in energy demand and a loss of natural gas, coal, nuclear, and wind energy during a winter storm triggered blackouts across the state.
Five things to know about Texas's strained electric grid
Texas’s electric grid has been thrust into the national spotlight amid a deadly winter storm that left 2.7 million households without power as of Wednesday morning.
Winter Storm Exposes Texas Power Grid Vulnerabilities
The image of energy-rich Texas is under challenge as a historic polar vortex slows or shuts down power sources like wind and natural gas.
Opinion | A Plan to Future-Proof the Texas Power Grid
The state’s massive blackouts are the result of a failure to insure against extreme weather.
Texas Must Fix Its Chronic Power Grid Resiliency Issues Or Risk Becoming Another California
The last time anything like this happened in Texas was a decade ago, on February 2, 2011, when ERCOT, the manager of the state’s power grid, was forced to implement rolling blackouts during a similar freak round of cold weather.
The two hours that nearly destroyed the electric grid in Texas
The debacle highlights just how vulnerable even the most sophisticated energy systems are to the vagaries of climate change, and how close it all came to crashing down.
Texas power disaster may be strongest case yet for renewable energy
Blaming renewables in Texas and elsewhere at a time when they need more, not less, of the nation's power system to modernize is short-sighted, said energy...
Millions in Texas suffer through a third day without power as grid falters in winter storm
West Texas Intermediate oil prices rose 2% in morning trade, while gasoline futures were up nearly 3%.
No Clear Timeline From Texas Grid Operators on Fixing Outages
Texas electric grid operators and transmission companies say it could still be days before power is fully restored after a brutal winter storm.
How Did Texas Electricity Grid Fail Residents So Catastrophically? An Expert Explains
Americans often take electricity for granted – until the lights go out.
Why is it taking so long for power to be restored to Texas?
What's going on with the Texas power grid? Why have millions of people gone several days without electricity?
Experts Explain How Texas Energy Grid Unpreparedness Magnified Winter Storm Danger
As of this article's publication, more than 333,000 Texas households are without power and more than 100,000 homes in both Mississippi and Louisiana are experiencing...
Texas Grid Operator Begins Rotating Outages as Big Freeze Bites
Rotating power outages were put into force in Texas as the state’s electricity grid operator grappled with surging demand amid a bitter arctic chill.
Former Texas governor Rick Perry claims Texans would rather endure blackouts than a federally regulated power grid
J. Scott Applewhite/AP Photo Former Texas Governor Rick Perry wrote that Texans prefer blackouts over power grid regulation. Perry briefly served as
Former Texas governor Rick Perry claims Texans would rather endure blackouts than a federally regulated power grid
Perry wrote, "the sun will come out, the temperatures will moderate, and this will become part of our rearview mirror."
Nearly 3 million customers without power as Texas freezes
A rare deep freeze in Texas that raised demand for power forced the U.S. state's electric grid operator on Monday to impose rotating blackouts that left nearly 3 million customers without electricity.
What's behind the dangerous power outages in Texas
Millions of people in Texas remain without power as a bitter cold snap prompted record-breaking wintertime energy demand for the region, all while dozens of gigawatts of power were unavailable.
No End in Sight for Texas Power Outages
Texas grid managers say the current best-case scenario is that widespread power outages could become shorter in duration by Thursday.
Texas was 'seconds' away from 'months-long' power outage, ERCOT's embattled CEO says, as grid operator defends rolling blackouts that cut electricity to millions
A week of freezing temperatures knocked about a third of the state's generating capacity offline, resulting in the greatest forced blackout, inset, in U.S. history. ERCOT CEO Bill Magness is main.
Massive Power Failure Could Finally Cause Texas to Connect with the Nation’s Power Grids
Energy from neighboring states could have helped Texans survive their extreme winter storm
Behind the power crisis in petroleum center Texas
Some 2.7 million households in Texas were still without power as of Wednesday morning in the wake of extremely cold weather buffeting the region.
Opinion: After power outages end, Texas must debate its electricity independence
Whether to connect to the U.S. grid is one of three areas Texas policy makers should focus on.
A Giant Flaw in Texas Blackouts: It Cut Power to Gas Supplies
When the Texas power grid was on the brink of collapse and its operator plunged thousands into darkness, it didn’t make an exception for the oil and gas field.
Texas grid operator says it’s now under normal conditions, millions still under boil-water notice
The severe winter weather continues to wreak havoc on Texas.
Wind Turbines Didn’t Cause Texas Energy Crisis
Several high-profile conservative figures -- including the Texas governor -- have wrongly placed the blame for power outages in Texas on wind turbines.
Gov. Abbott: Grid operator insisted 'we are ready' for storm that knocked out power to millions
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott took aim Friday at the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, saying the grid operator assured him beforehand that
Federal and state governments launch investigations into power grid failures from extreme cold
Federal regulators and state officials announced new investigations on Tuesday as a power outage crisis from frigid temperatures gripped the central and southern parts of the United States.
Debate Over Renewables Just A Sideshow Amid Epic Texas Power Failure
Texas is soldiering its way through one of its worst power crises, as politicians point fingers at each other, the grid operators and types of generation. The crisis points out the weaknesses of Texas’ market-based approach to power, which provides low prices but failed to ensure the reliability.
Why the Deep Freeze Caused Texas to Lose Power
Issues with natural gas supplies and the grid’s isolation both factored in to the massive outages
Blame Texas Exceptionalism For This Crisis, Not Green Energy
It’s time the state prepared its power supply for more cold winters.
Explained: Why are millions in Texas without power during a winter storm?
The answer lies in the differences between Texas’s independent power grid and the rest of the United States.
The Texas electricity crisis is no anomaly
Only in a crisis do most Americans pay attention to the reliability of the nation's electricity grid.
3 ways Texas could avoid another electricity crisis
The answer is not more fossil fuel power plants.
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