Robinhood data breach exposed 7 million customers
The breach happened Nov. 3, leaking the most extensive personal data for about 300 users. However, Robinhood says no financial information was exposed.
Robinhood reports data breach affecting 7 million customers
Online stock trading platform Robinhood has been hit by a data breach affecting seven million of its customers, the company revealed on Monday, November 8.
Robinhood Data Breach Exposes 7 Million Customers’ Information
Robinhood confirmed that its data security was breached in a recent cyber attack on November 3, resulting in the exposure of millions of customers details.
Robinhood discloses data breach impacting 5 million customers
Stock trading app RobinHood has disclosed a data breach after their systems were hacked and unauthorized user gained access to the personal information of approximately 5 million customers.
Robinhood discloses data breach impacting 7 million customers
Stock trading platform Robinhood has disclosed a data breach after their systems were hacked and a threat actor gained access to the personal information of approximately 7 million customers.
Hackers access 7 million customers' data on trading app Robinhood
Trading platform Robinhood has revealed that personal information of more than seven million customers has been accessed during a data breach
Robinhood revealed that a data breach last week exposed millions of customers' emails and other personal information
SOPA Images/Getty Images Robinhood said Monday that it experienced a data breach impacting millions of customers. Hackers obtained customers' emails
Robinhood says customer data was accessed in breach, stock falls in after-hours
Robinhood Markets Inc. said Monday afternoon that data from customers of its mobile trading app was accessed in a breach last week, and shares declined in...
About 5 Million Email Addresses Exposed In Security Breach: Robinhood
Robinhood Markets Inc said on Monday a third party had obtained access to the email addresses of about five million of its customers.
5 Million Robinhood Customer Emails Stolen, Company Says No Financial Data at Risk
Robinhood today said in a blog post that it suffered a data breach in which a hacker stole 5 million customer emails.
Robinhood breach leaks information of 7 million people
Names, email addresses and in some cases, the DOBs and zip codes, of Robinhood customers were exposed.
Robinhood Hack Compromises Millions of Customer Email Addresses and Names
The trading platform said Monday that a social engineering scheme had compromised millions of users' names and email addresses.
Robinhood Says It Was Hacked and Extorted But Nobody Lost Any Money
Robinhoood was hacked last week by someone who socially engineered a customer service representative to gain access to the email addresses of more than 5 million customers, the full names of 2 million other customers, and other data from a much smaller group of customers, the company said in a blog ...
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