Netflix To Make iOS Games Available on Apple's App Store
Netflix's compromise emphasizes the ever-growing rivalry with Apple.
Netflix Games on iOS will be Available via App Store
Last week, Netflix has launched mobile games for Android users globally. There are five mobile games available that can be accessed through the Netflix
Netflix to release games via App Store instead of through streaming app
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Netflix will reportedly make games available via the App Store on iOS
Eventually, Netflix might take its service to the cloud.
With Apple’s App Store policies making it difficult, what options does Netflix have for its gaming service on iOS?
Basically, as per Cupertino’s policies, third-party apps cannot act as a hub for games.
Netflix’s games will be available on App Store individually: Report
San Francisco: Video streaming giant Netflix recently announced that it is launching its first mobile games worldwide, initially for Android devices and
Netflix's games will be available on App Store individually: Report
Video streaming giant Netflix recently announced that it is launching its first mobile games worldwide, initially for Android devices and now a new report has claimed that the firm is planning to release its mobile games on iOS individually through the App Store.
Netflix Gaming Service on iOS Likely to Offer Individual Games Through the App Store
Netflix will be required to enlist each game offered via its gaming service through the App Store for users to download and install, instead of...
Apple won’t close the App Store to developers over the holidays
Apple usually closes submissions to the App Store over the holidays, but this year the company will review submissions from developers.
Netflix Games on iOS probably won't be available directly from the streaming app
Apple's App Store requirements mean Netflix Games likely won't be downloadable within the app itself on iOS.
The Future of Netflix’s Gaming Service Rests With Apple’s App Store Rules
Netflix’s games offering is currently limited on Android—and will likely remain forever so on iOS. Also: Peloton struggles as economies reopen, Apple drops masks, and a look at the latest hires and departures in the tech world.
Apple won't close for App Store submissions through Christmas
Apple has confirmed that it will continue to accept App Store submissions through the Christmas period, although review might take longer than usual.
Netflix will reportedly offer iOS game library via App Store due to Apple’s policies
Netflix will reportedly have to deliver its game library through Apple’s App Store on iOS, according to Bloomberg tech reporter Mark Gurman. The streaming platform likely won’t be able to get around Apple’s policy, which restricts all-in-one gaming services.
Netflix is slated to pose the next big threat to Apple's App Store monopoly
Netflix has started to offer games as well as conventional content on Android. It is now also projected to do the same on iOS - however, there is an obstacle in the way of these alleged plans, and it is, of course, Apple's policy on mobile apps. On the other hand, this barrier may not be as immovable or implacable as it once was.
Bloomberg: Netflix games to be available on the App Store individually, require account sign in
Mark Gurman at Bloomberg has reported as part of his Power On newsletter that Netflix is planning to release its mobile games on iOS individually through the App Store. Developer Steve Moser shared the information with Bloomberg after discovering code in the Netflix app that points to an interesting solution to get around Apple’s rules. […]
Apple Will Continue to Accept App Store Submissions Throughout Holiday Season
Apple today announced that developers will be able to submit new and updated app submissions via App Store Connect throughout the upcoming holiday...
Apple Will Accept App Submissions Through the Holidays This Year
Apple has announced that it will continue accepting app submissions through the holidays this year.
Netflix Games app for iPhone detailed in new leak
An Apple insider says that Netflix Games will work on iPhone just like on Android, requiring separate downloads for each title.
Netflix sidestepping Apple restrictions to launch games on iOS 
Apple’s policies will prevent Netflix from providing its games through its App.
Apple to accept App Store Connect submissions through the holiday season, forgoing traditional shutdown
Apple has traditionally shut down the App Store Connect platform for a week during the holiday season. This year, however, Apple is forgoing that practice and has announced that it will “continue accepting submissions in App Store Connect throughout the upcoming holidays.” In a post on the Apple Developer website today, Apple said that developers should still […]
Apple will accept app updates during the holidays in a break from tradition
Usually, it stops accepting app submissions for a few days.
Netflix Games Will Be Launched Though Separate Apps on iOS
The Netflix games are already available for Android users globally. But when they come to iOS, there will be a policy conflict.
PrimeXBT And Global Markets: There’s An App For That
The native PrimeXBT iOS app joins other popular apps currently available on the Apple App Store for iPhone.
Netflix currently testing how to launch its gaming service on the iPhone
According to Mark Gurman's Power On newsletter, Netflix plans to launch games individually on the App Store.
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