Google Pixel Pro 6

Google explains why the Google Pixel 6’s fingerprint scanner is slow

For now there seems o be no clear solution for the Google Pixel 6's fingerprint scanning issues on the software or hardware front.

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Key Highlights

  • Other users have reported that the optical fingerprint scanner works well on their OnePlus phones
  • The fingerprint scanner issue with the Google Pixel 6 Pro could possibly indicate a software issue
  • We can only hope for Google to patch the issue in a future software update.

Google has enhanced security algorithm but ironically that may be causing sluggish performance for the Google Pixel 6 Pro and Google Pixel 6’s finger scanner. There’s a lot of buzz about the Google Pixel 6 Pro and the Google Pixel 6 but their fingerprint scanner has been causing a lot of avoidable stress and pain for users of the Google’s flagship device. Since the release of the Google Pixel 6 Pro and Google Pixel 6 in October, the unreliability of the fingerprint scanner has been a major cause of concern for users. Google has finally offered an explanation after a slew of complaints by users.

Google has responded to the complaints and offered an explanation but they haven’t really offered. Google resorted to Twitter and mentioned “enhanced security algorithms” that the Google Pixel 6’s fingerprint scanner uses. Google has said that the advanced security measures can make the fingerprint scanner much longer to verify or require more direct contact with the sensor. In case of an error in verification, a link appears that takes you to a Google support page but that also really doesn’t offer a lot of help. The page gives presumptuous tips like the users should wash or clean their fingertips and check if they have registered with the phone correctly.

Some users believe that this is a hardware issue and the theory is catching traction on Twitter. The Google Pixel 6 Pro and Google Pixel 6 uses an optical sensor hidden under the screen for fast ultrasonic finger scanning similar to the Samsung S21. Are you also facing some issues with your Google Pixel 6 Pro’s fingerprint scanner?