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Netflix To Make iOS Games Available on Apple's App Store

Netflix’s compromise emphasizes the ever-growing rivalry with Apple.


Netflix has recently begun offering mobile games on Android. As the rollout for its games begins, iOS players are wondering when Netflix will bring them to the Apple platform.

Apple’s policies are notoriously tedious for gaming services and it is no different for Netflix to try to enter into the App Store. In a recent newsletter, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman said has claimed that he has seen the code for these games that indicate that Netflix is planning on releasing mobile games “individually” for iOS on the Apple App Store.

Though that’s the case, it seems as though the streaming giant’s own app will only serve as a gaming gateway. Gurman confirmed that iOS users will not be able to download or play on the Netflix app itself. The main Netflix app still offers the full game catalog, however, when launching the app, the game will take users to a separate page. Netflix is sure to make compromises in order to bring their games to Apple’s platform. Apple requires all games that want to be on the App Store to go through an individual screening process. As Netflix finds itself more reliant on the App Store for their games to be accessible to iOS users, the rivalry between both companies becomes more evident. The two are direct competitors across video streaming and now gaming. It is uncertain whether or not Apple will consider making concessions to allow Netflix to launch their games on the iOS store.

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